Duties of Coach

Before the first game:

  1. Have all player ID cards, up-to-date and signed.
  2. The home team must contact (by phone) the opposition by Thursday before the game to confirm time and venue.
  3. If you have not been contacted by the home team by Thursday contact them to confirm game  and report to your League rep that there was no phone call.
  4. If you are using a player on Permit have the permit filled out as per rules.
  5. Make sure your field is ready well before game time, nets, lines etc.
  6. It is the home team that supplies the assistant referees, check with your assignor.
  7. Make up team list with names, BC ID numbers (see template) and e-mail copy to  your League Representative before the first league game (one time only unless players are added or removed).

At the game:

  1. Have 2 copies of your team Roster Permit form for the referee filled out with name of opponents and venue, and signed by the coach AND all permits for any call up players added to team list (you must use the league form). Teams not using the correct form will be fined.
  2. Names of players Suspended or injured should remain on list with a line though and notation of reason for not playing.
  3. Pay the Referee and Assistants before the game that is your responsibility.
  4. Be in control of your players, parents and supporters. Teams will receive fines for inappropriate behavior.

After the game:

  1. Report the Score to your district or club scorekeeper.
  2. The score should be reported no later than 1 hour after the game.
  3. Game report, must be filed on line Boys: File Boys Match Report or Girls File Girls Match Report and all areas must be completed.
  4. Teams failing to file reports will be subject to fines.

What not to do:

  1. Do not cancel any games without checking the procedures set out in the MSL Rules.
  2. There are fines levied against any teams that do not follow procedures.
  3. Do not reschedule any games without permission of the league scheduler.
  4. If times or venues have to change you must inform the league scheduler, the league referee scheduler, and your opponents (BY PHONE) ASAP


  1. Make up any cancelled games (with the League permission) due to field closure ASAP with all replay information reported to the Referee and League scheduler.
  2. At the end of the league season any remaining outstanding games will be scheduled by the League.


  1. All players sent off (red card) Must sit out their next league or Cup game and then attend a discipline the following week unless notify by the league.
  2. Discipline hearings are held at 6501 Sprott Street Burnaby at 6:00 pm on Thursday evenings. (Burnaby 8 Rinks – use the Skate Canada entrance)

Referee Fees for 2015/16 season:

  •  U18 – $60.00;
  • U16 – $50.00;
  • U15 – $50.00;
  • U14 – $45.00;
  • U13 – $45.00.

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