Discipline 2019-2020


Cards issued to players will be accumulated and tracked in the League Platform. Data source is the “Match Report” completed by the Official. Available Report for each Club: include: Discipline Report – list of every card reported shown to a player. Custom report choices, sorting, filtering, event (BCCSL or BCSPL), date ranges, etc. Can be viewed by the Club for their players only Club runs report at their convenience (No need to send out discipline reports)


Players can be suspended and then will not appear on the “Game Day Roster” for the game indicated and their Virtual Player Card will be Red/Ineligible for that game. All Team Staff will receive an email notification of a suspension


In general, red cards during exhibition matches should be reported to the organization with jurisdiction.

For example, if two teams from the same club are playing each other, any red cards would be sent to that club. If teams are from different clubs within the same district, the youth district would have jurisdiction. If teams are from different districts, BC Soccer would have jurisdiction.

Note that if red cards are received by BC Soccer, BC Soccer may also assign discipline to be undertaken at the district, league or club level depending on the incident.

Discipline hearings are held at 6501 Sprott Street, Burnaby at 6.00 pm on Thursday’s.

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