Team Official & Criminal Record Check Applications

All Delta Coastal Selects Team Officials (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers, Gender Reps) must register with DCS online as a Team Official and complete a Criminal Records Check.

Delta Coastal Selects Soccer club is  enrolled with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based  Service. As part of this process, we have signed and agreed to the terms and conditions for the CRRP Applicant Based Service to facilitate criminal record checks and sharing of completed criminal record checks. In the spring of 2019, the Ministry updated the process for CRC applications. Team Officials must now complete the CRC Application Form (link to the form found below) and email it to the DCS Authorized Contact Person (Russ Heggie) along with 2 pieces of ID (Driver’s License, Passport, Birth Certificate). 

To register with DCS as a Team Official, please CLICK HERE

Delta Residents CRC Online Link:

·         Access Code: 4KLXDMNSDK

DCS Criminal Record Review Application, please CLICK HERE. 

Drop Box for Submitting manual completed CRC

**Please note that all girls teams MUST have a female staff member that will be present at all team events.  This can be Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, or Gender Rep.