Coach/Team Manager Notes

Coaching Qualifications: 

All Team head Coaches MUST have “Soccer for Life” or higher level.  Coaches that fail to have obtained qualification by Jan 1st, 2016 will be subject to a fine of up to $500.00 and have their coaching privileges suspended.

“Game and Permit” sheets: 

Teams must fill out 2 copies of the “Game and Permit” sheet for the Referee before each game and should receive a copy of opposition’s team’s roster from the Referee.

It is mandatory that the official sheet be used and filled in correctly.  All of the Team’s registered players should be on the roster.  If a player is not going to play in the game a line should be drawn through the player’s name with notation of why he/she is not playing (i.e. suspended, injured, etc).

The customary handshake must take place before the start of the game.

Referee Fees for 2015/16 season:  

To be paid before game.

  • U18 – $60.00;
  • U16 – $50.00;
  • U15 – $50.00;
  • U14 – $45.00;
  • U13 – $45.00.

Game Score:    

Your score MUST be reported to your scorekeeper a maximum of 1 hour after the game is completed.  (Both Teams)

Post-Game Reports:   

Must be filed completely online. This allows the league to gather feedback from your team and to tabulate votes for MVP.  The league will award the player with the most votes at the end of the season the prestigious MVP Trophy for their age group and gender (one for each age group for Boys and Girls).


All players sent off (red card) must sit out their next league (or cup) game and then attend a discipline hearing, unless notified by the league.  (See “MSL Discipline “).

Regularly scheduled discipline hearings are held at 6501 Sprott Street, Burnaby, at 6:00 pm on Thursday’s   (Burnaby 8 Rinks).

Any player that accumulates 3 yellow cards will be notified by the league as to their suspension.

Provincial Cup vs Premier Cup:

Any MSL team wishing to enter the “Premier Cup” must make such declaration to do so through their District by December 1st.

Coastal Cup:

All MSL teams are eligible for the Coastal Cup (unless they have entered the Prov Premier Cup).

All Prelim Game Rounds  must be complete by March 19th (there will be Prelim Game Rounds for some flights).

  • Round of 16  – April 1 – 3
  • Quarter-finals – April 8 – 10
  • Semi-Finals – April 15 – 17
  • Finals – April 30 – May 1

For all other questions check the web or contact your District MSL Rep.

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