Coach/Team Manager Notes

Coaching Qualifications: 

All Team head Coaches MUST have “Soccer for Life” or higher level.  Coaches that fail to have obtained qualification by Jan 1st, 2019 will be subject to a fine of up to $500.00 and have their coaching privileges suspended.

Game and Permit Cards: 

All games must have a game card (also called ‘game sheet’) printed by the HOME team from the STACK system.  This game card will act as a record of the match and has space for names of officials, score, yellow or red cards issued, and will also list the game number and PIN for score and discipline reporting.  

Printing Cards By Coach and/or Team Manager: A special login in from BCCSL is available for any Coach or Team Manager to access their Game Day Roster. Game Day Roster will be available to print 3 days before the game. Go to:

Coach or Manager will use their email and pin 990323 – they will view all teams on which they are rostered.

The process for printing game cards:

Here is the link to access the information
Once you have been taken to the help guides page follow the steps below.

Go to Game Day then click on ROSTERS

  • Scroll to the second page and write down the pin 990323
  • Then click on the link
  • Enter your email address
  • the password is the pin number
  • Any teams you are associated with will pop up
  • Click on the team you want
  • on the right-hand side, it will say GAME DAY ROSTER
  • Click on that
  • Select your players
  • Create your roster
  • follow the prompts
  • Make sure you print off three copies
 Special Notes:

1 – The HOME team will print 3 copies of the game card and bring them to the game  

2 – The referee should be provided one copy, and the visiting team should be provided another copy

3 – Both team coaches should sign the game sheet prior to kickoff which validates the rosters provided to the Referee

4 – Both teams should make sure the referee’s copy has ALL players listed.  As an example, if one team hadn’t entered a player on their STACK roster before it was printed, they should simply be written onto the team roster section.  Also, FRP (fluid roster process) players should be added on the roster as well

5 – At the game’s conclusion, the Referee should record the score and discipline, and add the names of all officials

6 – Both team managers (or coaches) can take a photo of the completed game card for their records and to use for score reporting, but it will remain with the centre official. 

7 – The HOME team MUST report the score, and the Referee will report only the discipline on the GotSoccer link provided to them.

The customary handshake must take place before the start of the game.

Fluid Roster Process

The BCCSL has implemented a fluid roster process (FRP) that will replace the permitting forms and process, and the old “inter-club permits” or “playing up policy”.  This was put in place to aid in player development, and to assist teams requiring players to top up their rosters to their registered roster size.

It is strongly recommended that teams using FRP read the full outline within the league rules.

No paperwork permits are required for any BCCSL games, the registered players just get written on the game sheet and their ID card is shown to the referee during the ID card check.

It has been clarified that regional metro teams (Vancouver FC, Surrey Selects, Burnaby District, and Fraser Valley) can pull up players from clubs within their district as they don’t necessarily have their own lower level club teams.

Referee Fees for 2019/20 season:  

  • U18 – $70.00
  • U17 – $70.00
  • U16 – $60.00
  • U15 – $60.00
  • U14 – $50.00
  • U13 – $50.00
Head Referee fee’s are to be paid by the HOME team in cash to the referee prior to the start of the home game. (Note: for league home games AR fee’s are paid for by the club and they bill DCS later). Fee’s will be required for the first games of the season


Reporting Game Score:    

This task will now rest with the HOME team (as was the case last season). As the score reporting codes/links have been an issue in the Stack system, we have set up a simple score reporting access page so we know that scores are in 100% of the time.

Simple: if your team is missing a score and you were the HOME team, please report it here moving forward:

Scores reported using that link will get updated within 24 hours to the standings on the BCCSL website.

Post-Game Match Reports:   

Will be entered by Officials for 2019 League level “Match Report’ will appear to an Official from the match report link under the game record accessible from their Game Officials login. No need for an additional login or access. Report is mobile responsive.


Cards issued to players will be accumulated and tracked in the League Platform. Data source is the “Match Report” completed by the Official. Available Report for each Club: include: Discipline Report – list of every card reported shown to a player. Custom report choices, sorting, filtering, event (BCCSL or BCSPL), date ranges, etc. Can be viewed by the Club for their players only Club runs report at their convenience (No need to send out discipline reports).

Suspensions:  Players can be suspended and then will not appear on the “Game Day Roster” for the game indicated and their Virtual Player Card will be Red/Ineligible for that game. All Team Staff will receive an email notification of a suspension

All players sent off (red card) must sit out their next league (or cup) game and then attend a discipline hearing, unless notified by the league.

Any player that accumulates 3 yellow cards will be notified by the league as to their suspension.

Provincial Cup vs Premier Cup:

Any MSL team wishing to enter the “Premier Cup” must make such declaration to do so through their District by December 1st.

Coastal Cup:

All MSL teams are eligible for the Coastal Cup (unless they have entered the Premier Cup).