Team Rosters 2021/2022

2008-2004 Rosters below

Registration is NOW OPEN

1. Please go to the following link to register ASAP: “REGISTER HERE”

2. IMPORTANT: If you are a new player to DCS, make sure to choose the NEW DCS PLAYER program option under the tab REGISTRATION OPTION. If you are a returning DCS player, make sure to choose the RETURNING DCS PLAYER program option.

3. If you are applying for Financial Assistance through one of the non-profit organizations be sure to fill out this portion of the registration form and send in your applications asap as the process can take time. Make sure to forward a copy of your application to the DCS Administrator so that they can help to follow up on your application with the organization. ***please only fill out this portion of the registration if you are applying for financial assistance through one of these non-profit organizations 

4. IMPORTANT: BC Soccer requires Proof of Age (POA) from all NEW PLAYERS to DCS. Acceptable POA is a jpeg of Birth Certificate, Passport, or related document. Medical Cards are NOT sufficient. Please scan and send a copy of POA to DCS Administrator Russ Heggie at:  DCS Drop Box

*Please make sure to include their name and age group in the jpeg file (JoeSmith2006.jpeg).

6. If you are a NEW PLAYER to DCS please upload a recent color photo of your child including head & shoulders ONLY (no hats) white background for use on their Player ID Card to DCS Administrator Russ Heggie at DCS Drop Box

*Please make sure to include their name and age group in the jpeg file (JoeSmith2006.jpeg).

*Privacy note: the DCS Dropbox is only viewable by myself as the registrar and once the POA is confirmed the file containing personal information will be deleted immediately. This is the best way to collect over 120 images in a short time period and keep it all organized.

2009 Girls Div.2
Gary DueckSpencer Underhill
1Adriana Hurley
2Amice Xu
3Anisa Mattu
4Camryn Underhill
5Ella Brearly
6Elle Philipot
7Emily Cooper
8Jadyn Moennick
9Kaitlyn Huggins
10Katie Campbell
11Paige Dueck
12Paisley McGill
13Rebecca Visser
14Rowan Coffey
15Taigan DeBoer
16Deliza Brar

DCS 2009 Boys roster for 2021-22

1Aiden Ayre
2Armanjot Virk
3Ben Lindale
4Brody Frampton
5Calum Moennick
6Cruz Sugars
7Ethan caldecott
8Hudson Sugars
9Isaak Funk
10Jon Rodriguez
11Kesler Curtis
12Levi Neufeld
13Najim Saify
14Raunak Chehil
Ryan McKibbin
Gavin Wagstaff

DCS 2009 Girls roster for 2021-22

1Althea Leyba
2Brooklyn Brandon
3Charlotte Wood
4Christine Day
5Estelle L White
6Fallon Meyer
7Isla Bowie
8Kate Black
9Kianna Nager
10Lauryn Yee
11Leah Venier
12Madeleine Shepherd
13Mallory Crowther
14Megan Semple
15Reet Thiara
16Savannah Grant

DCS 2008 Girls roster for 2021-22

1Ajeet Dhami
2Alecia Palmer
3Arhya Monger
4Caidynn Veitch-Planzer
5Ella Bedard
6Faith Burden
7Faye Beatty
8Freya Millar
9Juanita Pavi
10Kate Heinrichs
11Laighton Muller
12Leonora Pjetrushi
13Mya Thompson
14Payton Kilpatrick
15Presley Ashdown
16Sidney Smith
17Sophia Valcamp

DCS 2005 Boys Roster for 2021-22

1Czajkowski, Ryan
2Wen, Xiaoyu (Rain)
3Dhaliwal, Sahilpreet
4Haque, Raza
5Arondus, Braeden
6Lovelace, Wyatt
7Birt, Quinn
8Birt, Evan
9Carreiro, Ty
10Zhang, Nathan
11Sodhi, Jaivir
12Linford, Braden
13Jenson, Leif
14Whiffin, Matthew
15Miller, Cole
16Leon Morales, Daniel
17Ruel, Blake

DCS 2005 Girls Roster for 2021-22

2Conacher, Abbey
3Cooke, Natalie
4Dumas, Gemma
5Fechter, Julia
6Leghorn, Dausha
7McCabe, Adalyn
8McVicker, Telah
9Morris, Kaity
10Parks, Justina
11Rundhawa, Reanna
12Schulze, Sophia
13Sihota, Taryn
14Stankovic, Mariana
15Stoddard, Che’
16Steffen, Zoey

DCS 2006 Boys Roster for 2021-22

12WuBing Shiou (Brian)