We thank you with your patience regarding the uncertainty surrounding the Metro division ceasing operations and the ramifications of such a decision.

We have received communication from BC Soccer regarding the second tier of play (formerly known as Metro). As suspected, the second tier of play will continue although instead of the Metro League operating separately, it will now come under the control of the BCCSL which currently runs the Div 1-3 divisions (commonly known as Gold, Silver and Bronze).

What does that mean for Delta Coastal Selects?

We are looking at a name change from Metro to Division 1. Division 1 (Gold) would become Division 2, Division 2 (Silver) would become Division 3, etc. Everything else will remain very similar in structure. As with Metro, 3-4 Division 1 teams will be placed out of South District to represent the District at the Division 1 level for the U13-U18 age groups. Priority for these Division 1 teams (previously called Metro) will go to clubs or collaborations of clubs who support the BCSPL (HPL) clubs in the district (Surrey Utd, Coastal). As a collaboration that supports the Coastal BCSPL program we feel strongly that we will continue to have Division 1 programs (Metro) for each age group and gender going forward under much the same structure that exists presently.

With this uncertainty largely alleviated, we are in the process of finalizing the evaluation schedule for the 2018/2019 season and will have this information to you shortly.

Once again, thank you for your patience and consideration.

Delta Coastal Selects